What Personal Items Should You Keep at Your Senior’s Home?

Elderly Care in Del Cerro CA: In your role as a family caregiver, preparedness is one of your most important tools. No matter how well you plan for your care, and how prepared you think you are, the unexpected can always happen.

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Taking Your Mom Shopping When Alzheimer’s is Present – Five Things You Need to Expect

Home Care Services in La Mesa CA: Shopping and Alzheimer's

Home Care Services in La Mesa CA: Alzheimer’s is a harsh disease. It’s hard on the person diagnosed with it. It’s also hard on family members who watch their parent change. Shopping with a parent who has Alzheimer’s can seem impossible.

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SEPTEMBER is Fall Prevention Month 🍁🍂  Don’t be a statistic, be proactive!

Home Care in San Diego CA: The fastest growing segment of our population is the 85 and over age group. Many seniors want to remain in the comfort and security of their own homes.

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Love 2 Live Care Testimonial

John J

Caregiver in San Diego CA: John J. wrote a 5-star review on 12/26/2017. We cared for Joy & John’s parents for over a year. Her dad passed away and they moved mom to Northern California to live with them.

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