Tips for Keeping Coronavirus Out of Your Elderly Loved One’s Home

If you, senior care providers, or anyone else needs to go to your elderly loved one’s home to care for them or help them out with something, it is important to keep their home clean. The cleaner the home is kept, the less of a chance there will be for the coronavirus to contaminate the surfaces of your loved one’s home. If the surfaces get contaminated with this virus, your elderly loved one might get it. Follow the tips mentioned below to keep your elderly loved one’s home clean during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Home Care Services in La Jolla CA: Cleaning Tips


Cleaning Tips

It is important that you or your elderly loved one’s senior care providers clean all the surfaces in your loved one’s home. The surfaces should be cleaned with water and soap. Anti-bacterial wipes and products can be used, as well. These surfaces should be cleaned often. You should make sure to clean high-touch surfaces, as well, including light switches, handles, countertops, doorknobs, tables, faucets, toilets, and sinks.

Disinfecting Tips

When keeping your elderly loved one’s home clean, you or their senior care provider should also disinfect their home. This should be done after cleaning the area with water and soap. There are many EPA-registered disinfectants that can be used. However, to assure the disinfectant is going to work properly, you should always read the label for the directions first. If you can’t find any disinfectants at the stores, you could always use a diluted bleach solution. If diluted properly, this can work against killing the coronavirus.

Handling Softer Surfaces

While not as likely, the coronavirus could possibly live on the softer surfaces in your elderly loved one’s home. This could include drapes, rugs, carpet, and furniture. You should clean the surface of these areas with water, soap, and any surface-appropriate cleaners. If possible, you can put some of these items in the laundry. There are also EPA-registered disinfectants that can be used on these surfaces.

Electronic Cleaning Tips

The electronics in your elderly loved one’s home should be cleaned, as well. This includes remote controls, keyboards, touch screen electronics, tablets, and other electronics. There are electronic wipes that can be used to clean these products. Alcohol-based sprays and wipes may be able to be used on these surfaces, too.

These are some of the best tips for keeping the coronavirus out of your elderly loved one’s home. It is important to clean their home often to prevent them from getting sick. Even if they don’t go outside of their home, but others come in, the coronavirus could be brought into their home. By following along with these cleaning tips, you can help to keep your loved one from getting the coronavirus.


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