After Surgery Care

Crucial Pre- and Post-Operative Non-Medical Home Care

Love 2 Live Care helps seniors and those of all ages in the critical days before and after surgery.
Love 2 Live Care helps seniors and those of all ages before and after surgery.

The days and hours before and after surgery are critical ones. Love 2 Live non-medical home care smoothes out much of the planning, arrangements and stress surrounding hospital stays. Love 2 Live has aided scores of seniors AND people of all ages through the hospital intake and surgery process.

Love to Live Care Services make sure you or a loved one prepares appropriately for the surgery, gets to the hospital on time, has company in the hospital and then receives all needed care in the days and weeks following. When you need extra support because your loved one is long-distance, we act as a point of contact and facilitator so that you fret less about safety issues and more.

Specifically, we:

  • Examine and follow doctor and other medical staff instructions
  • Provide an extra set of ears in pre-surgery doctors’ office visits
  • Monitor meals and any fasting required in the days before surgery
  • Pack and prepare for the day of surgery
  • Provide transportation to and from hospital
  • Provide hospital visits and genuine companionship
  • Interact with doctors and staff and report progress and instructions to family members
  • Keep a journal of all doctors’ instructions and medications
  • Follow HIPPA guidelines to ensure privacy
  • Provide non-medical home care, meal preparation, personal assistance and personal care services like grooming and bathing after the client returns home.

While many of these services are practical, keep in mind that Love 2 Live’s quality caregivers bring genuine concern and connection to every task. After completing intensive training, we understand the issues like fear and powerlessness that emerge for seniors during this challenging time. When we make a client-caregiver match in an operative situation, we’re careful to look for someone who has had that experience and can speed up and clarify the surgery process.  Successful surgery and the healing thereafter can be optimized when the patient enjoys true companionship and a minimum of tension.

Call us at 619-291-4663 or contact us here to explain your situation and discover how we can help. You can also follow us on Facebook to see all the ways our senior clients love to live.

When You Can’t Be There . . . Our After Surgery Care Connects You and Your Loved One

It’s upsetting when you live far from a loved one who is scheduled for surgery in San Diego and you can’t be here. Having a competent and caring stand-in for you to provide pre- and post-operative care goes a long way in bringing peace of mind.

Rest assured that, after ten years in business, we’ve helped countless San Diego seniors and their families make surgery and the weeks afterwards go smoothly. More, we help keep our senior clients safe. After we provide our no-obligation in home assessment, we work with you and family members to tailor a complete plan. Call us today at 619-291-4663 or contact us via email and we’ll schedule an appointment for a phone interview.