Respite and Relief for Caregivers

Senior Respite Care and Caregiver Relief in San Diego

Senior Caregiver and client
Caregivers benefit from relief.

It’s not hard to understand why someone volunteers to care for a family member. A study at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that 67% of caregivers believe they:

  • developed a better relationship with the infirm family member;
  • gained a stronger appreciation for life;
  • discovered strengths they never knew they had; and
  • felt they’d accomplished something important.

These benefits add meaning to life, and not everyone has the opportunity to experience them.

At the same time, however, studies also indicate that almost all caregivers experience stress. The facts, according to a study by Penn State human development professor Dr. Stephen Zarit, are:

  • 40% – 70% of caregivers are significantly stressed, AND
  • 50% of those who are stressed “meet the diagnostic criteria of major depression.”

Caregivers who experience sadness, anger, frustration and more strong emotions are far from alone.

What is Respite Care? Proven Relief from the Relentless Demands

Luckily, “respite care” or a relief or break from the constant demands of a dependent family member goes a long way in helping a caregiver re-establish a sense of self, connect with friends and enjoy the hobbies and activities that put spark into their lives.

Respite care has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress in the family
  • Reduce the risk of abuse and neglect of those cared for
  • Give the cared for individual the stimulation of a new face and conversation
  • Get caregivers involved in their communities so they can find support
  • Improve caregiver attitudes toward the cared for individual
  • Affords a chance to reconnect meaningfully
  • Enable a family to care for their loved one at home
  • Avoid costs to family of long-term care at a facility

Affording Respite Care

Family-owned Love 2 Live Care Services has worked hard to become a resource in San Diego, compiling all information for senior services, activities and government and non-profit agencies. We’ve compiled a list of the state and local agencies as well as the non-profits that help families arrange funding for respite care. Even if you don’t need the exact services Love 2 Live provides, we can most likely connect you with a county or state entity, a non-profit or even another service that can help with your specific issues.

Arranging respite care with Love 2 Live all starts with a no-obligation in home assessment. Together we explore daily routines, medical issues, favorite activities and more. Often, when we arrive at a home requesting respite care, we find the family caregiver incredibly relieved just to talk to us and make a connection with someone who understands the intense challenges they handle each day. Love 2 Live also helps caregivers connect with local support groups and resources.

Families are welcome to start with just one day or afternoon each week. If you’re ready to give yourself and the one you care for the gift of time apart, please call us at 619-291-4663. You can also contact us to schedule a no-obligation phone interview.