5 Reasons Caregivers Should Read with Older Adults

Home Care Services in San Diego CA: Reading With Your Senior

Home Care Services in San Diego CA: Betty, age 84, loved to read. Her husband had courted her when they were young adults by reading poetry to her. The two of them had often sat together and read aloud.

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How Can You Make Keeping Your Parent’s Home Clean Simpler?

Home Health Care in La Jolla CA: Senior Home Cleaning Tips

Home Health Care in La Jolla CA: Keeping their home clean and fresh is likely something your aging parent was accustomed to doing when they were younger. Now that they are dealing with challenges and limitations that impact their mobility, cognitive functioning, or other abilities, your parent may find they are no longer able to fulfill these tasks as easily.

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Love 2 Live Care Offers Information You Should Know!

Home Care in San Diego CA: Are you aware that there is an Information and Resources page published by the Department of Social Services for seniors and families? If you have a private caregiver working you should check to see if they are registered with the Home Care Services Bureau.

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