How to Make Dressing Easier for Your Aging Adult

Your senior may never have imagined a day when getting dressed was a complicated task for her. Unfortunately, that can happen very easily over time and sometimes after an unexpected health problem. Making that task easier involves a variety of different techniques.


Elder Care in Point Loma CA: Senior Dressing Tips


Mobility Can Seriously Hinder Dressing

One of the biggest problems with getting dressed might be your senior’s mobility. Clothing seems easy enough to put on, but if your elderly family member has arthritis or other mobility issues, some clothing can be almost impossible to put on. Help her to choose clothing that is easy for her to maneuver into without causing herself pain. Closures might need to be different if they’re tricky. Also, encourage her to sit down to put clothing on her lower body.


Be Careful with Compression Clothing

Compression clothing might be necessary, especially if your senior has circulatory issues, but they are often very tight and difficult to put on. This becomes even worse if your elderly family member has arthritis in her hands or in the limb she’s putting the compression clothing on. Make sure you read the information that comes with the compression items because the manufacturer sometimes includes tips that help when putting them on.


Give Her Choices, but Not in an Overwhelming Way

Choices are important. They help your elderly family member to continue to feel involved and empowered and those are both incredibly helpful for her. But too many choices, like her entire wardrobe, can be confusing and even overwhelming for your senior at some point. If that’s becoming an issue for her, it might be time to limit choices without taking a choice away. Give her the option of two garments or two outfits and ask which she prefers.


Wait for Her to Indicate She Needs and Wants Help

Something else you might want to do is to help her a little bit less for now. That sounds like the wrong answer, but if she’s still able to do certain things when it comes to getting dressed, let her do them. Make sure you let your senior know you’re there to help her but that you’ll wait for her to let you know that she needs and, more importantly, wants, your help.


For some seniors, dressing is difficult and yet they still don’t want help. Sometimes this has to do with embarrassment more than anything else. Bringing in elder care providers to help with personal care tasks can be helpful because they understand what your senior is feeling and they can help her without adding to those emotions.


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