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Custom Meals for Seniors in San Diego

Ensuring Healthy Eating Habits and Adequate Nutrition at Home . . .

Senior Meals in San Diego with Love 2 Live Care Services
Cozy Table for Two: Caregiver & Client

Sharing a meal with an engaged friend brightens the day for people of all ages. Our Love 2 Live caregivers find that it’s over a meal that seniors often open up, tell their stories and enjoy company. We’re happy to prepare or help prepare something as simple as coffee and cake or as involved as a gourmet meal. Our caregivers come back to home base with some amazing recipes picked up from our clients who are practiced cooks. Yum!

Love 2 Live Care Services can help you or a senior loved one stay in their beloved home by making grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation easy. We’ll sit with you and let you take the lead about what meals you like, how you organize your kitchen and meal times. We’re happy to take you grocery shopping or get the food you need. It’s this focus on client priorities that helped us win recognition in the San Diego Union Tribune’s “Best Of San Diego” competition six years running.

Specifically, our meals for seniors services include:

  • Grocery shopping, with or without the client
  • Preparing meals and clean-up
  • Specializing in heart-healthy and diabetic diets, by request
  • Monitoring food freshness

Meal planning and preparation may have become a little more difficult, but many of our clients still know their way around a sauce-pot and a spice or two. Because we serve clients of all nationalities and backgrounds, our senior care providers often return to the office with new cooking techniques and recipes. We love learning new culinary skills!

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Orchestrating the Meals for Seniors that Strengthen Body and Mind

Sometimes seniors can fall out of the habit of preparing meals for themselves and eating in a healthy way. The loss of friends, mobility and other factors can lead to depression which in turn reduces appetite. Unfortunately, malnutrition is prevalent in the senior population, and poor eating habits can lead to disease and hospitalization.

Having an energetic home care provider come in to help rethink meals can get seniors back into eating healthy on a regular basis. A fresh face, new company and an establishment of a routine goes far in lifting spirits, as does an accompanied trip to the grocery store where you or a loved one still have control over what to buy as well as the meal plan.

Because nutritious meal plans for seniors underpin overall health, many of our caregivers gain specialized training in senior nutrition and meal planning through Love 2 Live. They learn the physiology behind the aging body that leads to unhealthy eating habits, as well as the psychological factors that impact regular consumption. A slowing metabolism, the use of medications, reduced mobility and mood issues can all impact appetite. Love 2 Live care providers come equipped with strategies to address these issues. More, we are used to juggling specific dietary needs and understand the importance of sticking to doctors’ and family instructions.

If you are ready to explore how Love 2 Loves ensures meals for seniors are regularly available and nutritionally balanced, call us at 619-291-4663 or contact us here with your questions. We’ve helped tailor meal plans and preparation not only for clients without serious medical issues, but for clients with heart disease, diabetes, COPD and more.

Facts that Help  Everyone Plan Senior Meals

Did you know that the aging body:

  • produces less fluid necessary for digestion, making food absorption more difficult. B6 and B12 supplements along with folic acid helps to improve nutrient absorption, as does regular water intake. Drink even when not thirsty.
  • needs food to be as nutrient dense as possible. Seniors who eat little, should make sure all foods consumed are packed with sufficient protein and nutrients to keep their bodies strong.
  • may alter its sense of smell and taste. If this is the case for you, now is the time to experiment with different seasonings so you can learn to enjoy more foods.
  • is more vulnerable to the bacteria that grows in old food which can sicken you. More, its harder for seniors to fight of infections that can be caused by food past its prime.

Read more on Healthy Eating after 50 from the National Institute on Aging (a division of the United States’ National Institutes of Health).

Love 2 Live Offers a Free In-Home Assessment for Meal Planning and More!

Contacting Love 2 Live Senior Care Services can help you get the information you need to make informed decisions. We are considered a San Diego resource for eldercare services. We also offer a free in home assessment so that you can understand just how senior meal assistance and our other services work. Don’t struggle alone. Call us at 619-291-4663. If we can’t help you, we will know a county or state agency or non-profit that can!