Keeping Yourself Well as a Caregiver During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your emotional health and well-being are closely tied to your physical well-being. You’re going to be able to focus better on what your senior needs if you’re taking great care of yourself.


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Do All the Things to Keep Yourself Physically Well

By now you’ve heard all the things you need to be doing in order to keep yourself and your senior physically healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing, hand washing, and staying at home as much as you can are all important. Wear a cloth face mask, too, and avoid touching your face so that you don’t transfer germs to your mouth, nose, and eyes. And wash your hands again.

Give Yourself Some Room to Feel How You Feel

There are a lot of feelings people are dealing with right now. There are the cabin fever feelings involved in self-quarantine and there’s the fear of what might happen if your senior or you get sick. While you don’t want to rush off headlong into any negative thought patterns, give yourself space to feel whatever you’re feeling. Let it pass through you and breathe.

Stick with Your Regular Routines as Much as You Can

If you can, stick to your regular routines as much as possible. Regular mealtimes, sleep and wake times, and timing for other activities helps your brain and your body to stay on task. You might be working from home or dealing with other concerns, which might require a few adjustments to your routine. Having a routine at all is really the important part.

Reach out to People You Love

Take this time to reach out to other people you care about, especially if you’ve not had a lot of time to do that. Meeting up in person is of course not recommended, but you can touch base in other ways. It’s important to make sure your senior is connecting with people she cares about, too.

Take Breaks from Being Productive

You may be feeling as if you have to be productive every minute of every day. But that’s not true. As a caregiver, you’re already doing a lot and honestly just keeping things going on a minimal basis is difficult with a global pandemic happening. Take some time to just be and to do things you enjoy and want to do.

The coronavirus pandemic is taking a lot out of most people right now. Try to be kind to yourself and remember that everything doesn’t have to get done right now.


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