What Does Improved Safety Look Like for a Senior with COPD?

You might already have an eye on safety measures at your senior’s home, but if she has COPD, your idea of safety measures may need to expand a bit. Here are some of the ways COPD can change how your elderly family member needs to look at safety concerns.


Homecare in Chula Vista CA: Safety for a Senior with COPD
Homecare in Chula Vista CA: Safety for a Senior with COPD


Handrails throughout the House
It might sound like overkill, but if you’re able to put handrails throughout your senior’s home, that’s going to be incredibly helpful. Handrails or grab bars are something your senior may rely on more than she ever thought possible. People with COPD can become lightheaded very quickly if they are short of breath and having a handrail ensures that they don’t add a fall to the situation.


Few to No Stairs or Steps

Stairs and steps, even just one or two, take far more energy to manage than you or your senior realize. If it’s at all possible, living on a single level in a walk-in style home is going to be your elderly family member’s best bet. This helps to ensure that she’s not burning excess energy simply getting into and around her home.


Solid Shoes, Every Day

Your senior’s footwear is a big part of her overall safety plan, whether she realizes that or not. Having the right shoes on her feet from early in the day to right before she’s ready for bed to give her a solid foundation that can keep her upright. It’s a good idea to make sure that the shoes she’s wearing are supportive and that the sole is non-skid


Working Air Conditioning

People who have COPD need to have the right humidity levels in order to be able to breathe properly. Air conditioning is going to help with that, even during times when she might not ordinarily use the air conditioner, like spring and fall. The reason for this is that the air conditioner pulls air through, literally conditions it, and circulates that air throughout the house or the room. Getting a humidity meter can also help you to pinpoint the most comfortable ranges for your elderly family member.


Little to No Clutter

Clutter is always a problem, but for someone with COPD, clutter can make your senior do double and triple duty. That’s always a mistake because she doesn’t have the energy to waste. Do what you can to help your elderly family member to reduce any clutter that she’s got and work with her to keep that clutter in control.

Elderly care providers can be a huge help for your senior when she’s looking to improve her general safety at home. Consider bringing them in to help in whatever ways your elderly family member needs.


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