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Living to be 100 in San Diego

  I read a great article this morning about staying active and reaching your 100th birthday.  A report from the National Institute on Aging says “Living to 100 is becoming increasingly commonplace … In 1950, there were approximately 3000 American centenarians.  By 2050 there could be nearly 1 million.” It’s important to stay active and […]

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Something to Share

Each week we like to kick off our staff meetings with some positive motivation.  We rotate who brings motivation to the table so we all have a chance to share what is special to us.  Usually our motivational piece is industry-related, and often something we learned or appreciated in our personal lives or through our […]

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Seniors Inspire Me

Seniors inspire me.  My friend and colleague Steve Everhart of The Seniors Choice sent these words of wisdom and I want to share them and the video with you.  Seniors teach in a way that only their years of life experience can.  They model endurance, fortitude, simplicity, common sense, hope…and an indomitable spirit that transcends […]

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