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Each week we like to kick off our staff meetings with some positive motivation.  We rotate who brings motivation to the table so we all have a chance to share what is special to us.  Usually our motivational piece is industry-related, and often something we learned or appreciated in our personal lives or through our clients and caregivers.

Today Kevin prepared some FUN FACTS about the relationships built between our clients and caregivers.  We went around the table and had to guess which clients and caregivers each scenario was describing.  It was great to get a more intimate insight into the daily lives of our clients, and understand in more detail the joy our caregivers are able to bring to them.  Below are just a few examples of the FUN FACTS we discussed this morning.


– One of our caregivers who has been with the same client for over four years cooks a family dinner every Wednesday evening.  The client’s immediate family comes every Wednesday for a visit, and to enjoy a home-cooked meal provided by our caregiver.

– One of our clients is no longer able to drive.  She very much looks forward to her regular caregiver coming every Wednesday for outings to her favorite places, especially movies and lunches at Boston Market.

– One of our clients who is fantastic at playing the piano by ear is teaching her favorite caregiver how to play.

The piano teacher

Each and every one of our clients and caregivers at Love 2 Live share something special with each other and motivate us every day.  It makes me so happy to know that we are making a difference for our seniors at home every day by helping them stay where they want to be: in their home!

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