Living to be 100 in San Diego



I read a great article this morning about staying active and reaching your 100th birthday.  A report from the National Institute on Aging says “Living to 100 is becoming increasingly commonplace … In 1950, there were approximately 3000 American centenarians.  By 2050 there could be nearly 1 million.”

It’s important to stay active and involved.  Most people would agree that the aging population wants to stay in their own home and not move to a facility of any kind.  Facilities can be nice, but let’s face it, it’s not home.  If you or your loved one are facing challenges of staying at your home, give Love 2 Live a call.  We would love to discuss what we can do to help.

Our compassionate, professional caregivers can make your life easier by providing help with bathing and dressing, cooking and cleaning, and laundry.  They can go on errands or drive you to an appointment.  They can walk the dog or make the bed, dust, vacuum or just sit and talk for a little while.  We love to care and would love to meet with you in your home to plan how you could best utilize our services.

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