Seniors Inspire Me

Seniors inspire me.  My friend and colleague Steve Everhart of The Seniors Choice sent these words of wisdom and I want to share them and the video with you.  Seniors teach in a way that only their years of life experience can.  They model endurance, fortitude, simplicity, common sense, hope…and an indomitable spirit that transcends the constant changes that swirl around us.  Ask a senior what makes life worth living and they’ll tell you something that boils down to “fulfillment”-staying active and informed, doing things they enjoy and trying some new things, watching their families grow, and loving and being loved.  Knowing this makes me want to help seniors maintain independence all the more.  It also clarifies what I want my own future to look like.

“Retirement” is a concept that has derailed a lot of seniors.  For years, “retirement” has meant the idea that, at the magic age of 65, it’s time to “take it easy” and stop doing so much…it’s the “Slow Down” myth if you will…If I’ve learned anything from seniors, it’s that “taking it easy” is a short road to trouble.  So I’m personally committed to avoiding slowing down at all costs.  How about you?

My aim is to live a fulfilling life of abundance as long as I have life in me.  Ok, so I can’t play basketball with guys half my age anymore, but I can and do stay active and fit.  As we age we can still do plenty…mountain bike, tennis, golf, work out at the gym and eat right.  We can teach our grandkids to play ball or a musical instrument, or cook our family recipes.  We can go camping or cruising.  We can keep up with developments in our professional fields of endeavor, serve as a consultant, take a class or give back to the community by volunteering.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  So I say to heck with slowing down, it’s time to keep the pedal to the metal.  The fountain of youth is to keep learning, doing and loving.  To LIVE, to LOVE and to LABOR.

Ever thought about what YOUR future looks like?  Start thinking about it and keep DOING.  I received this amazing video of a 90 year old woman who knows the secret to a great life!  If you want to be inspired, check it out…

The Greatest Anti-Retirement Video of All Time

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  1. I completely agree! I believe retirement should be a time of less stress and worry, but not necessarily less activity. The type of activity that you find stimulating may change, but we’ll just have to embrace those changes and keep making a difference!


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