A Valentine for Tina: My Wife of 40 Years

Senior Valentine for Wife 2
Working . . .

Recently, we were all so touched when our San Diego client Fred worked with one of our caregivers to compose a Valentine’s Day poem for his wife of more than 40 years.

Tina and Fred are in their 60s, but Fred is very ill.  Despite his challenges, last month, with his caregiver’s help, he attended wedding of one of his two children.

We are so proud that we have caregivers who provide opportunities for the clients to feel wonderful about special relationships and events.  No one who has read this poem in our offices could pass a “dry-eye” test.  See if you can!  Let us know what you think of this poem in the comments below.




Senior Valentine for Wife
The finished product!


If I could dream

The dream I wanted too,

I would close my eyes

And dream a dream for you.


I would give you all the world

That you are deserving of,

And to you I would give

My everlasting love.


I would see to it,

That you were never sad

And nothing in your life

Would ever happen bad


I would wish for you

All things would go your way

And you would always be happy

Each and every day


In my dream

You would stay

And be beautiful

As you are today


Life for you would be as perfect

As the blueness of the sky

And no one would ever hurt you

Or ever make you cry.


I know it’s just a dream

But if dreams could come true

I would close my eyes

And dream a dream for you.

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