The Top 4 Tips for Seniors to Avoid Viruses this Winter



Now that we are already in January, the flu season is in full swing, with its peak set to hit hard in February.

Did you know that 95% of deaths resulting from the flu were specific to seniors aged 65 and up? Seniors, especially, need to be careful that they don’t get this nasty virus, becuase it can lead to worse complications, such as dehydration, pneumonia, and amplify the effects of emphysema, asthma and heart disease. Here’s a refresher on the top 4 tips to help seniors and thier caregivers avoid the 2016 flu.

Stay Warm: Make sure your loved one’s thermostat is set at 68 degrees, because viruses actually thrive in cold temperatures. The cooler air with its lower humidity can cause the nasal passages to d ry out, enabling virus transmissions to be passed into our bodies more easily. Be sure there are plenty of sweaters, coats, mittens, and warm blankets all around your senior’s home.

Maintain cleanliness: Make sure you and your loved one washes hands frequently with soap and warm water, especially after using public restrooms or shaking hands with friends or relatives. Be extra cautious when your senior companion is hugging and kissing the grandchildren, as youngsters are especially prone to carrying viruses. It would be a good idea for your senior to keep a small container of antibacterial gel in his or her pocket or purse , and to use liberally when out in public.

Keep up healthy habits: Your senior loved one should have a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as plenty of fluids for hydration. A poor diet results in a poor immune system that is more susceptible to those unhealthy viruses roaming around in the air. Daily exercise is also important for maximizing overall health, whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood once or twice a day, or perhaps a senior fitness class. Be sure your senior also gets up to eight hours of sleep every night.

And of course, get immunized: The American Lung Association recommends that all adults aged fifty and above should get the flu vaccination each flu season. Because seniors are also at a high risk of acquiring pneumonia during the cold season as well, the pneumococcal vaccine is also suggested. Since B12 shots have been proven to build up seniors’ immune systems, ask your doctor about the feasibility of getting these as well.



Love 2 Live Home Caregivers Know All the Flu Avoidancce Tricks!

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