What to Look for in Shoes for Seniors

Finding a good pair of shoes for a senior is much more important than many people realize. Having the right shoes, with the right fit, can help seniors avoid developing or worsening foot problems ranging from arthritis to toenail fungus. The right shoes can keep seniors’ posture aligned, which is important for reducing muscle and joint pain, and avoiding falls. This can help the senior stay active. Wearing the right shoes can also protect the feet from injury.

Senior Care in Mission Hills CA: Senior Shoes



The Right Size

Feet keep evolving in size, width, and condition throughout life, so seniors often end up in shoes a few years old that are no longer the right size. A recent study of 100 seniors showed that 83% were wearing the wrong size shoe. Having feet sized by a foot and ankle specialist will ensure the most accurate, up-to-date information about shoe size needs.


A shoe that is too heavy for the senior can tire them out by the end of the day, or contribute to a stumble when the senior drags their feet under the weight. A good shoe should be lightweight yet sturdy and supportive.

Non-Slip Outsoles

Look for a rubber sole with a deeply grooved tread designed to reduce the risk of slipping.

Contoured Orthotic Insoles

Contoured orthotic insoles provide valuable arch support, which can reduce pressure, strain and stress on the feet and relieve heel pain. Insoles should offer good shock absorption to minimize pain in the back and legs.

Cushioned Protective Interior

Look for a shoe with comfortable, protective padding inside. The interior lining should be free from seams, and should fit without constricting the foot.

Low Heels

Seniors should generally avoid any kind of high heel shoe because they can destabilize the ankle, leading to stumbles and falls. Look for flat or low heels instead.

Extra Width and Depth

Shoes with extra width, especially in the toe box – the area around the toes – are especially important for seniors with discomfort, injuries or conditions that can affect this area, such as diabetes or hammertoes. An extra deep design is vital if a senior will be using an orthotic insert.


Easy-On Shoes with Closed Heels

Shoes for seniors should generally sport a wide opening so they can slip their feet in and out easily, even if their toes are tender. However, avoid open backs.  An enclosed back or heel strap is important to keep the shoe from sliding off unintentionally, which can cause a fall or injury.

Easy Lace-Free Closure

Avoid shoelaces, which can come untied and present a fall hazard. Velcro is usually the best best for a closure that will keep the shoe securely in place. Velcro is easy to manipulate, even for seniors with pain or weakness in their hands. It also can also easily be readjusted if a senior’s foot should swell throughout the day.

Elderly Care Can Help

If driving is difficult it can be hard to get to a foot specialist or shoe store. Elderly care aides can pick up a senior from their home and take them to the shoe store. Elderly care aides can also assist with routine foot care for seniors with diabetes or other conditions, keeping their feet pain free and in good condition.

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