Ideas to Prevent Boredom in Homebound Seniors

When an elderly person is no longer mobile and is restricted to their home, they are considered homebound. To many, it may seem like the ultimate luxury, but after a while, staying home all the time can lead to boredom, loneliness, and isolation. Seniors are at risk of depression and anxiety when they are isolated. Living alone can also lead to other related problems such as weight loss or gain, poor personal hygiene and slip and fall accidents. Family caregivers with a relative that is homebound must assist them in staying active and keeping boredom at bay.


Caregiver in Chula Vista CA: Senior Activities


Here are a few ideas for family caregivers that can provide activity and entertainment for homebound elderly relatives:


-Get Online: There are millions of things that elderly adults can do online, from reading the news and feature articles to pursuing instructions for a new recipe or craft. Seniors can join book clubs, join social media, watch sporting events and even attend virtual classes via the internet. Technically challenged seniors will need assistance from family caregivers in getting online.

-Backyard Hobbies: Even a small backyard or porch can provide hours of entertainment and activity. Many seniors enjoy container gardening with vegetables or flowers. Birdwatching and other wildlife spotting can provide hours of activity. Even reading or other hobbies can feel new and interesting when done on the back porch on a sunny day.

-Companionship volunteers or hired senior care assistance: There are many community senior organizations that match up volunteers with elderly residents. Often, the volunteers will come and read to a senior or provide some conversation and companionship one or more times per week. Family members can also work with a senior care agency for an aid to visit a few times per week.

-Sitting Hobbies: There are plenty of hobbies that elderly people can do when sitting. Examples include drawing, puzzles, calligraphy, painting, knitting, crochet, tinkering with appliances, writing in a journal, writing letters, building models and more.

-Volunteer: It may seem strange to volunteer in someone’s own home but there are many options available. Seniors can help with the right opportunity, such as making phone calls on behalf of a non-profit group or charity. They can tutor students, make blankets or hats for children in the hospital, send cards to service members and much more.

-Exercise: Homebound seniors are often too sedentary, so they should develop an exercise routine to stay active There are routines for every age and preference online or via DVDs.

-Reading: Whether it’s electronically or on paper, seniors have endless options for books and magazines. Seniors can order books or participate in an exchange program. They can also take advantage of any mobile library trucks that come to their neighborhood.

-Video Games: It may seem like a mismatch, but many elderly adults enjoy playing certain video games. Whether they are carnival style virtual games or longer and more involved sagas, a video game console can provide hours of entertainment for bored seniors.


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