Preventing Falls & Re-Admissions

I just finished a webinar on “Prevention of Falls and Re-Admissions” and  felt there were some important things to share.  Did you realize that falls are as serious to older adults as heart attack or stroke?  I didn’t.  Mortality rates due to falls trends up and mortality due to heart attack and stroke has been trending down!  It seems that when a fall occurs the person is treated for their injuries but in most cases their is no risk factor assessment done.  It is most important to look at each individual and do an assessment based on many factors.  These include but are not limited to: environment, balance, ability to transfer, strength, gait, number of medications taken, visual deficits and cognitive impairment.  Those who have fallen often have a fear of falling again and this causes them to self-limit their ADL’s (activities of daily living) and they may become depressed and anxious.  Another interesting fact is that people who are sedentary or bed ridden for 30 days lose up to 50% of their balance funtionality!  So, what is the take away from this?  If you fall or know someone who has fallen their risk of falling again is greatly increased.  Our medical doctors and therapists working with these individuals need to identify their weaknesses and remediate the weaknesses which will make them stronger and better.  There are risk modalities available that can stimulate coordination.  Interventions work if we use them.  For more information you can go to

If you are having trouble with balance or dizziness or you have had a recent fall, don’t hesitate to contact Love 2 Live in San Diego for help.  We can provide a caregiver to assist with all the activities of daily living and make your life easier.

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