The Power of Music


I read a review in the San Diego Union-Tribune on Friday regarding a documentary movie called “Alive Inside” which highlighted the power of music and the affect it has on people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  On Sunday, I was enjoying brunch with friends and they mentioned that they were going to see this film and invited us to come along. I’m so glad I went and had the chance to experience the magical moments that this film presented.

The latest facts & figures released by the Alzheimer’s Association indicate that more than 5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s, and so many of them live in nursing homes. You may have seen the YouTube video of Henry, an older gentleman living in a nursing home who is severely affected by the disease. Check out the link below to see firsthand how impacted Henry was by music; it’s quite inspirational!

Click here to watch Henry!

Music should be incorporated into the everyday lives of all those who are homebound. Music brings joy and creates an atmosphere for us to remember where we were and what we were doing at a certain place and time. At Love 2 Live, I plan to spend more time with our current clients so I can learn what some of their favorite music genres are.  I will enlist the help of our trusted caregivers and clients’ family members to ensure each of our clients have music available to them on a regular basis.

One of the core values at Love 2 Live is to maintain a high quality of life for all of our clients.  Music is the perfect tool to bring joy into people’s lives and raise their spirits. If you have a moment you should definitely go see “Alive Inside.”  It’s playing at our local San Diego Ken Cinema on Adams Ave. through most of September and will be coming out on DVD in the future.

Watch the trailer for ALIVE INSIDE!

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