5 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Fun for Single Seniors in San Diego

San Diego Seniors Valentines Day

We know: Valentine’s Day is the Hallmark holiday, orchestrated by candy and card manufacturers looking to sweeten the bottom line. But what if you could use it to treat yourself or your senior loved one to some unique and low-cost fun? These local options help make Valentine’s Day enjoyable for single seniors in San Diego.

  1. Consider San Diego’s Special Valentine’s Day Events

Some senior centers have special Valentine’s Day-themed events, so check their calendars for more information. For example, the Ed Brown Senior Center at Rancho Bernardo (18402 West Bernardo Drive, San Diego, CA 92127) will have singer/guitarist Mike Chamberlin performing love songs that were popular during WWII on February 14th, at 3pm (cost is $10 per adult). In addition, on Thursday, February 11th, the Balboa Park Club (2150 Pan American Road, West, San Diego, CA 92101) will have a Valentine’s Day dance for seniors from 1-3:30 pm, featuring The Billy Harper Band, as well as refreshments and prizes (cost is $5 per person).



  1. Make your own floral arrangements

Why pay crazy amounts of money for a professional bouquet of flowers, when you can just whip up some pretty bouquets yourself! Almost every local farmer’s market sells flower stems at reasonable prices. In February, some flowers start blooming in the local canyons. If you have a nature-loving senior, that could be his or her favorite type of bouquet.

Pick up some cheap yet pretty vases at the local dollar store, and then help your senior loved one arrange those flowers. Your elderly companion can make his or her own pretty arrangements, and even accompany you when you deliver the bouquets to neighbors or family members.

  1. Rent classic romantic movies

An Affair to Remember, Pillow Talk, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Roman Holiday, Sabrina: These are all fun, romantic movies that are sure to please not just your senior loved one, but anyone else you may want to invite over to watch the classics. You can pop up some popcorn, and invite the extended family, friends, and/or neighbors over for a fun “Valentine’s Day” movie-viewing extravaganza, complete with cookie and/or cupcake decorating (don’t forget those red heart sprinkles, or special Valentine’s Day paper plates and napkins).

  1. Create some handmade Valentines with family/friends

Go ahead and invite over the grandchildren and/or friends and neighbors for a fun afternoon of creating your own Valentine’s Day cards. Red, white and pink construction paper, Valentine’s Day themed stickers, and perhaps some glitter glue are really all you need! Consider printing out some images of Victorian era drawings of cupids/couples in love to cut out and glue onto the cards. You can even have each invitee draw a name out of a hat, and custom-design a card specifically for that special someone

5.        Honor the memory of the deceased

It is a very real possibility that your senior loved one isn’t interested in anyone else other than a wife/husband who may have passed away. In these cases, Valentine’s Day can be emotionally upsetting. Instead of denying your senior friend’s feelings, do the opposite and honor those memories. Depending on the religious faith practiced, you can light a votive candle in that person’s honor at their place of worship. You can spend the day looking over old photos and love letters, and encourage your elderly relation to share some fond memories. If the deceased spouse’s cemetery is nearby, pay a visit, leave a bouquet, and then perhaps eat at a restaurant dear to that person’s heart.

Love 2 Live Home Services Keeps Seniors in their Homes

If you live out of town or out of state from your special senior, and want him or her to still enjoy everything life has to offer, don’t hesitate to contact Love 2 Live Home Services at 619-291-4663. We will provide a no-obligation in-home assessment, free of charge. We can help with companionship, travel, and making sure your elderly relation can participate in all of the wonderful local Valentine’s Day activities available. Our senior caregivers are friendly, professionally-trained, and ready to help.

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