6 Reminders to Make Thanksgiving Special for San Diego Seniors


Thanksgiving can get hectic. Doing something specifically for the senior in your life during your fall holiday will warm everyone’s hearts. Here are some guidelines that help make Thanksgiving special for San Diego seniors.

Serve up cherished traditional family recipes: Most likely there is a cherished apple pie recipe in the family that your senior loved one has very fond memories of. Chances are great that there are in fact many beloved recipes that your senior are still in possession of. If not, definitely research on your own traditional foods from your senior’s heritage, and involve him or her for tips in creating these time-honored dishes.

Have children/grandchildren prepare crafted gifts: Many seniors love receiving hand-crafted, thoughtful gifts from the precious grandchildren and/or neighbor children in their lives. If these personalized mementos include photos and personal notes, then that’s even better. Even something as innocuous as a traced-hand turkey can become a lifelong personal keepsake for the senior. You may even consider having these craft items available on Thanksgiving Day, so the thoughtfulness will have an immediate impact!

Share family scrapbooks/photos, etc. Encourage your senior to talk about their Thanksgiving memories growing up, and share personal photos/keepsakes. Perhaps your senior has an honorary medal earned in combat? Or maybe a photo from a sock hop dance? These age-old family stories should be shared for all generations to enjoy. Children especially love hearing about “the good old days,” and comparing the fads from long ago with today’s popular trends.

Involve seniors with Thanksgiving decorations: Traditional touches around the house help magnify the joy of Thanksgiving, and involving your special senior will make it even more enjoyable for him or her. Perhaps you can have your elderly relation collect some fall leaves or acorns to place around the mantle, or he or she can add dried berries , corn and craft a cornucopia. This may even be a fun task for the seniors to do with any grandchildren in attendance.

Enlist seniors’ help with food preparation: Most seniors want to feel useful rather than a burden, so please be sure to involve them with kitchen tasks on Thanksgiving day. If you’re stressed out about delegating major tasks, then keep it simple, and enlist their aid with replenishing the nuts in the appetizer bowls, or sprinkling Parmesan cheese on your salad. Maybe your senior can handle table setup tasks such as pouring water in everyone’s drinking glass. Whatever the task, your senior will feel valued at being helpful to you.

Don’t forget a quiet retreat: Sometimes the craziness and loud volume of large gatherings overwhelm certain seniors. Therefore, be sure to set up a quiet nook in your home that your elderly loved one knows about, and can feel secure in. It can be a room with your senior’s favorite books and photo albums, or perhaps a television. It should also have a comfortable sofa and/or recliner with pillows, in case your special senior requires a quick catnap.


Love 2 Live Care Services Pitches in When Life Gets Crazy:

Thanksgiving marks the introduction to the craziness of the holiday season, along with the stresses of shopping, gift- wrapping, baking, party preparation, etc. If you’re feeling frazzled during this time, and need a bit of assistance with your senior’s home care needs, Love 2 Live Care Services will be there for you. Our trained, friendly caregivers can handle whatever tasks you need help with, even if it’s just providing warm companionship to your loved one while you brave those crowded malls on your own. Simply call Love 2 Live Care Services at 619-291-4663 or schedule a free, no-obligation in home assessment here.

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