Love 2 Make Music

Love 2 Live Care Services and MusicWorx teamed up in November for an unforgettable experience that can help you discover how to use music to live your life to the fullest.  Music therapy is a powerful and non-threatening medium which can create unique outcomes.  Music therapy is used successfully with all ages and disabilities.  Music is a form of sensory stimulation, which provokes responses due to familiarity, predictability, and feelings of security associated with it.

Music therapy provides:

  • Memory recall which contributes to reminiscence and satisfaction with life
  • Positive changes in mood and emotional states
  • A sense of control over life through successful experiences
  • Awareness of self and environment which accompanies increased attention to music
  • Anxiety and stress reduction for older adult and caregiver
  • Nonpharmacological management of pain and discomfort
  • Stimulation which provokes interest even when no other approach is effective
  • Structure which promotes rhythmic and continuous movement or vocal fluency as an adjunct to physical rehabilitation
  • Emotional intimacy when spouses and families share creative music experiences
  • Opportunities to interact socially with others

If you think music therapy could benefit you or your loved on contact Love 2 Live.  We will connect you with a therapist in your area.

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