Love 2 Live Care Voted #1

Love 2 Live Care is the BEST!

We are honored to have been selected #1 “In-Home Eldercare Services” in San Diego!

2011 marks the 16th anniversary of The San Diego Union-Tribune’s annual “BEST OF” recognition for hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout San Diego county.  Last year I noticed there was no category for in-home services and contacted the UT.  I thought it was strange that they annually distribute “The Elder Care Directory,” a resource in which many local agencies advertise their home care services, but there was no mention of this incredible industry in the “BEST OF” guide.  I (and possibly others as well) spoke up and were heard!  This the very first year they have included a category specific to our industry.

When I saw an ad that enrollment was open to nominate your favorite businesses back in May of this year, I told my Scheduling Coordinator about it.  He got really excited and said “Let’s go for it!”  He notified all of our caregivers, clients, and affiliates about the nomination process.  By the end of May we found out that we and seven other companies had been nominated in our category.  We alerted everyone we know that we had been nominated and how proud we were that with more than 300 agencies in San Diego County, only eight were nominated and we were one of them.

The next round of voting determined who would take top honors.  Voting lasted for almost three weeks throughout June.  We received a very exciting phone call at the office a few weeks ago that Love 2 Live Care Services was voted the #1 in-home eldercare company in San Diego!

Union-Tribune "BEST OF 2011"

We are proud to offer in-home services to seniors and other adults in need throughout San Diego.  Since 2003 we have served hundreds of clients and their families by providing personalized solutions that bring them peace of mind.  We value the safety and security we offer clients and their families by practicing as a certified agency.  Please let us know if we can help answer any of your questions when choosing home care for a family member or friend.

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