Love 2 Live Announces Caregiver Training Program

Love 2 Live Care Services is proud to announce our new online Caregiver Training Program through aQuire Training Solutions!

Love 2 Live has offered training to our caregivers since 2003 but now we will take the training to a whole new level.  There are 14 essential hours of training that cover basic caregiver duties.  These courses will create a solid set for any caregiver and give them confidence to provide for the individuals in their care.  Some courses will be assigned to caregivers for specific training that applies to a particular case.  There is also a series of Memory Care modules that will help caregivers learn the stages and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  After completing all modules and taking an examination they will be given a certification of completion.  We have a new computer center in our office that caregivers can use or they can log in from their own home computer.

When you hire a Love 2 Live caregiver you can be assured that they are competent and skilled to understand the needs of your loved one.  Call our office to learn more about how Love 2 Live can you or your elderly loved one stay in their home, but not alone.

2 Responses to “Love 2 Live Announces Caregiver Training Program”

  1. Leonor Sullivan

    I can’t log in to my aQuire account to do the online courses


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