Love 2 Eat Healthy!

We had a presentation on nutrition this week presented by Elizabeth Wagner, registered dietician of Functional Nutrition Therapy.  She presented “Basics of Healthy Nutrition” and told us about differences in what is “healthy” for seniors.  We talked about how to make food appetizing when one has no hunger, diabetic basics, low sodium diet basics and when to call for help.  It was all very informative and fun.  We prepared and served some yummy recipes which we gave to everyone who attended.  I would like to share with you the TOP 10 for Basic Nutrition as presented by Elizabeth.


  1. Whole Real Unprocessed Foods -before a manufacturer has touched it.  This includes “health food store” processed foods
  2. Maintain Blood Sugar Balance -Sugar decreases the ability of the immune system to function and increases stress on the body.  Sugar promotes cancer growth.
  3. Plant Based Diet (not necessarily plant only- Vegetarianism is not required to have a plant based diet.  Think traditional cultures.
  4. Create a Colorful Plate
  5. Drink adequate water or fluids.  You should drink 1/2 your weight in ounces.
  6. Include Protein (1/4 of plate)
  7. Include Starch or Whole Grain (1/4 of plate)
  8. Include Low Starch Vegetables (1/2 of plate)
  9. Include Healthy Fats (1 Tbsp)
  10. Include Fruits (1-3/day)

Contact Love 2 Live Care for more information regarding our exceptional in-home care and give us the opportunity to help you or your senior at home.   Call Elizabeth at her office in Coronado 619-437-6600 for consulting her regarding nutrition issues.

2 Responses to “Love 2 Eat Healthy!”

  1. Elizabeth inspire me! Since this presentation I’ve made a conscious effort to drink my daily supply of water–half my body weight in ounces. I don’t allow myself a second cup of coffee until I’ve had all of my water!

    Also, I just purchased my first box of “Truvia” to replace my Splenda addiction.

    I still can’t give up my jumbo-size Diet Soda from McDonalds!

    Small steps…..

  2. Kevin,

    Small steps are what it takes. Keep up the that conscious effort and before you know it you’ll be able to say “No” to soda too.


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