Lifesaving Information for Emergencies

The Vial of LIFE program is a free service we provide our client families.  Its purpose is to provide you with an easy way to store medical information at home.  Who should have a Vial of LIFE in your family?  Actually everyone, because medical emergencies can happen to anyone at any time.  Research shows that 58% of emergency calls calls are from seniors.  Let’s be sure that our elderly at home are prepared.  If there is no trained personal assistant to help, there is often panic, confusion and a helpless sense of urgency and fear.  The Vial of LIFE can not replace having a trained caregiver on site, but it will give valid information on conditions and medications.  This information will be written and ready to be used by EMT’s.

Our next Tierrasanta Village Caregiver meeting will be held on April 5 at 10:30 AM.  I will be presenting vital information that everyone needs to know.  We will fill out this important document for you to take home.

If you take any prescription drugs and have any medical conditions you need a Vial of LIFE.  “The Vial of LIFE is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself.  The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment.”

Please join us on April 5.  Call our office 619-291-4663 or visit the Tierrasanta Village website for  more information

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