Keep Yourself Flu Free

As a safe practice reminder to all of you engaging with people.  With what is being referred to as the “flu epidemic” we want to alert all of you to be extra sanitary during this time when illness and germ spreading is heightened.  The need for increased sanitation is especially important for those who work in close settings and often times share personal

Don't get sick!
Don’t get sick!

spaces with those we help.

Be conscious and considerate of your individual level of cleanliness.  Be sure to clean up an area when you are finished using it (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen area, etc.) and do the same for someone you help.  Leave any area that you use even cleaner than it was when you came to it.  Use disposable paper towels or ensure that the dish towels/rags you use are clean/sanitary.  Encourage those around you to wash their hands often.  Please reach out to us at the Love 2 Live office if you have questions or someone you know needs help at home.




Below is a message I wanted to pass to all of you which we received directly from our friends at Kaiser Permanente.

Flu season has officially started in California. With influenza diagnoses on the rise and health officials reporting that three different strains are circulating, it is more important than ever to be vaccinated.  Here is what you can do proactively to keep you, your family, your co-workers, and everyone else around you safe:

1) Get the flu vaccine. The CDC states that this year’s flu vaccine matches the three circulating strains and is 62 percent effective against the flu. This means that the current flu vaccine can help protect against and diminish flu symptoms.  

2) Wash your hands. It sounds simple and it is. Flu is not only transmitted by touching infected people, but you can also get the flu by touching the doorknobs and other objects that someone with the flu touched. 
**Since people can have the flu and not know it for several days, it is important to wash our hands with soap and water—or use an alcohol-based sanitizer—before you touch your face or someone else. 

3) Practice cough etiquette. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you are coughing or sneezing and dispose of the tissue right away. 

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