Is Hiring a Professional Caregiver Worth the Costs?

Caregivers worth the costs hugging seniorAs you head into 2016, is one of your resolutions to get help caring for your senior loved one? We’ve listed the benefits of respite care here, but most new clients, after using outside services just once, immediately recognize how helpful they are. Respite care or caregiver relief reduces family stress, provides a new face for the senior, and even makes family caregiving at home bearable.

Committing to hiring a professional caregiver takes getting all family members on board and reconciling any guilt adult children suffer. The financial concerns also weigh on you, but contributions all help as do some long term care insurance policy benefits. Because we understand your reluctance, we’ve listed five reasons to hire a professional caregiver.

  1. Regain Control of Your Own Life

Have you sacrificed too much of your own time to care for your loved one? There is no need to feel guilty about this. It is human nature for us to want to feel in control of own lives. Is there some shopping you want to get done? Or maybe there is a work commitment that needs your undivided attention? Or perhaps your own immediate family and friends wish you could be there for them more often than you have been of late. These are all very common concerns family caregivers share with us. Whatever the case, when you hire a professional caregiver, your time can become your own again, guilt-free.

  1. Your Loved One Will Be Glad To Not Burden You

Most likely, your beloved senior has his or her own guilt with taking up your time. Seniors are truly glad to have someone else attend to their needs, because they want you to feel good too, and have your own break from relentless caregiving duties. They also will benefit from the expertise of our caregivers (many of whom have special training in those with diabetes, heart disease, COPD and more) and be exposed to new social outlets and ideas as a result.

  1. Reassurance in the Event of an Emergency

Perhaps our greatest fear is that something awful will happen while we are not with our senior loved one. Hiring a professional caregiver alleviates this worry, because our caregivers are trained and prepped to handle any emergency situation. Whether it’s a serious fall, a sudden shortness of breath, or even something as alarming as a heart attack or a stroke, our caregivers know how to respond and be on alert for your loved one. More, since we are a service with a home office, we have a team of people ready to step in with various skills and resources.

  1. Economic Benefits

When your loved one remains in his or her own home, sufficient part-time help can be less expensive  a senior living facility. The room and board, not to mention a daily meal plan averages $3,000 to $4,000 per month in San Diego, and that doesn’t include medical services. More, those in assisted living facilities still have to pay for caregivers to come in. There are also those pesky little extra fees involved, such as maid service, transportation excursions, and health-related doctor visits. The senior who remains in his or her own house receiving part-time care can potentially save themselves and their families’ assets.  

  1. Emotional Benefits

Aside from the financial savings, given a senior’s mobility and medical issues are manageable, having moderate in-home care can be more emotionally satisfying for your loved one to remain in his or her own familiar surroundings. Perhaps your senior has a daily schedule that he or she consistently follows, such as visiting the local grocery store every Monday, or attending the library’s bingo event every Wednesday. Whatever the ritual, our caregivers will ensure that it is not disrupted, and that any burdensome home tasks, such as taking out the trash or doing laundry, are handled.

Caregivers worth the costs hugging senior

Love 2 Live Home Services Provides Excellent Home Care for Seniors

We at Love 2 Live Home Services are absolutely committed to not only keeping seniors happy in their own homes, but in keeping concerned family members reassured and at peace. Our caregivers are ready to help, so contact us at 619-291-4663, and we will gladly provide a no-obligation in-home assessment, free of charge. If you are a relative living outside of the city or state, don’t delay in calling us. We’ll gladly take help as little as eight hours each week to 24/7 care.

2 Responses to “Is Hiring a Professional Caregiver Worth the Costs?”

  1. I don’t mind paying for my senior mom to have transportation excursions. She needs to leave just as much as anyone else. It might be hard for her to do it on her own though.

  2. It stood out to me when you explained that one of the benefits of senior home care is that it can be less expensive. My friend’s mother is going to be getting surgery on her knee soon and won’t be able to do much around the home while she is recovering. I will have to tell my friend that they should be able to find an affordable caregiver that can provide assistance during his mom’s recovery.


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