Our Senior Care Service Client was a Ballroom Beauty

Our client was a ballroom beauty long before “Dancing with the Stars!”

Our client, Ingrid, was a professional ballroom dancer for many years, competing in exhibition dancing throughout the United States and Europe.  At the age of 90, she participated in a major ballroom dance contest in Chicago with her partner.  She entered 23 contests and won first place in all of them!  At age 91, she traveled to Florida with her partner and again won first place in all 30 contests she entered.

Ingrid lived independently until 2011.  At that time, Ingrid’s daughter recognized her mother’s need for care at home, and enlisted the help of Love 2 Live.  We provided 24-hour care for Ingrid, which offered her many things she had been lacking: freshly prepared meals; a routine to look forward to; and daily companionship with stimulating conversation.  Ingrid lived with dignity and joy until she recently passed away peacefully at the age of 96.

Independence is crucial and our caregivers get it and respect it.  We understand if your loved one is fiercely independent.  In fact, we love that about them!  However, if you feel they need a bit of assistance with their activities of daily living, Love 2 Live can help.  We can relieve the family caregiver from the day-to-day worries they are faced with.

Contact Love 2 Live today and schedule a FREE in-home assessment so we can guide you in assessing your loved one’s needs.  Our Senior Care Service providers get it!


Below is a beautiful photo of Ingrid competing in the Chicago contest at age 90. 

Clearly, she “loved to live!”

Ingrid dancing

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