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Point Loma Light House

With offices in nearby Hillcrest, Love 2 Live Care Services has quick access to clients in beautiful Point Loma. Our caregivers help you or a senior loved one get out to see the San Diego harbor, the excitement at Liberty Station or the endless supply of museums, art galleries and restaurants that make up this vibrant community. We’re happy to help with meals, transportation, household tasks and more!

Our caregivers know that their clients long to remain active and engaged with the people in their neighborhoods. Love 2 Live is the in-home senior care provider many Point Loma senior and their families trust. We select upbeat, smart caregivers and match them to clients based not only on healthcare training, but similar personalities and hobbies. With Love 2 Live Care Services, you may just find a senior companion with training in COPD or heart disease care who also loves birds and Japanese food!

As a flexible back-up team for San Diego families, we will reach your loved one quickly and provide the most compassionate care. Our senior caregiver’s provide the respite services that brings the relief to to adult children, grandchildren or friends taking care of a loved one. Call us at 619-291-4663 or contact us with to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment to explore how

Perks of Senior Life in Point Loma

  1. Point Loma Red Brick Senior Ministry – Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church has a fun and dynamic older adult ministry. They provide an entertainment program every weekday, followed by a hot lunch. The music ranges from Dixieland Jazz to Jimmy Buffet, and guest sometimes get to enjoy plays, lectures and health screenings as well.
  2. San Diego Peninsula Shepherd Center: this community based, non-profit organization provides a support system for older adults choosing to live in their own home. Offering volunteering, transportation, activities, calls to the home, computer classes and much more, the center has been thriving for 30 years.
  3. “Daily Social Call” – Senior Citizens Services staff and volunteers make daily calls to interested senior citizens from 8-9AM. Call 619-236-6905 for calls made to a Point Loma home.

The In Home Senior Care Point Loma Seniors Voted “Best Of!”  

The Point Loma families and seniors we’ve served have supported us every year since 2010 by voting us The San Diego Union Tribune’s “Best Of” yearly contest for local San Diego businesses in the Eldercare Services category. Watch our short video here!

Love to Live Care owner Sheila Korn started the business when she struggled to find quality, reliable care for her own mother. Accepting only top-quality, background-checked and qualified caregivers, Love 2 Live supports these home healthcare workers with free educational opportunities, on-the-job back-up and safe placements.

Love 2 Live Care Services stands out from San Diego franchise and other in home elderly care services because of the following commitments:

  • Every Client Matters: A franchise senior care corporation can’t provide the personal service Love 2 Live guarantees. Director Sheila Korn not only oversees each caregiver-client match, she also participates in conferences and lectures about senior care in San Diego and across the nation.
  • Flexibility: Because clients’ needs change, Love 2 Live has many processes in place that ensure care updates at a moment’s notice. Our goal is to accommodate your schedules as you navigate this challenging time.
  • Immediate Response:  The senior population is prone to emergencies, and Love 2 Live Care Services has emergency protocols for many medical and other issues. Love 2 Live staff members take calls any time day or night, including weekends.
    Quality Assurance: We gather all of the details about you or your loved one so that our caregiver’s training, background and experience matches your needs. Some of our caregivers have extensive training in managing diabetes, while others specialize in issues of those with heart disease, COPD, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more. We work hard to make an ideal match on the first try, both for the client and for the caregiver.
    Open Door Policy:  Flexibility and open communication ensure our caregivers and staff keep you or your loved one safe and content. Feedback about our caregivers‘ performance, our staff or our company policies helps us improve.
    Treat You Like Family: Everyone at Love 2 Live has cared for a senior family member. We understand the challenges and approach situations as if we were coordinating care for one of our own.

Call Love 2 Live for Your Free Home Assessment in Point Loma Today!

Love 2 Live care services will come to your home to evaluate your opportunities, challenges and needs. We are happy to provide Point Loma residents a free, no-obligation in-home assessment. You can also call us at 619-291-4663 with any questions.

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