In Home Senior Care Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Pier for IN home senior care Ocean Beach
Both seniors and our caregivers love the sights, smells and sounds of Ocean Beach!

With shops, the ocean and colorful characters abounding, we certainly understand why Ocean Beach, CA seniors love their neighborhood.

Love 2 Live Care Services helps clients stay in their beloved homes where familiar neighbors, activities and routines make life rich. For just a few hours a day on a weekly basis, or a day or two of intermittent outside help, ensures seniors get adequate nutrition, exercise and meaningful companionship. Most of Love 2 Live’s caregivers providing in home senior care in Ocean Beach have expertise helping clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, COPD, heart disease and more. Seniors and their families find life-long independence by receiving minimal help with household taskspersonal assistance and meal planning.

Ever wonder who becomes senior caregivers? You may be surprised to learn that many Americans over age 50 now leave their full-time careers to pursue the meaningful occupation of senior caregivers. When you read our post, “Baby Boomers Giving Back with ‘Encore’ Careers in Senior Home Care”, you’ll see how many are ready to leave corporate jobs for the flexibility and richness becoming a senior caregiver provides. Their drive to make a meaningful difference in their communities impresses us!

We love the process of matching our seniors with the range of caregivers that we employ. As with romantic matchmaking, we get excited about the prospect of the two enriching each other’s lives. Our no-obligation, in home assessment helps us to gather information about you or your senior loved one’s personality, hobbies and interests. We then hand pick the caregiver with similar traits. Our dog-loving caregivers know all the dog parks and events in San Diego. Our artsy/crafty caregivers know the fun stores and activities that keep seniors engaged. There’s such a variety of both client and caregiver, and we strive to make the best match the first time.

Love 2 Live Care Services In Home Senior Care Ocean Beach

We Work with Both Local and Distant Adult Children

Many of our seniors have adult children who live in other states. In these cases, families feel better knowing an agency like Love 2 Live Senior Care must meet the standards of outside regulators. This oversight provides more security and quality assurance than an independent, freelance caregiver; many of whom come and go as they please. Just this week we received an inquiry call from a prospective client who has now had their private caregiver flake on a shift they committed to working not once, but twice, within the same week!

You can rest assured, too, that our caregivers are background-checked, certified and insured. We also regularly schedule them for additional training through our online training portal as well as our hands-on training with an LVN.Finally, should there be an emergency, our office staff backs up the on-site caregiver by arranging an ambulance or other assistance.
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But long-distance relatives aren’t the only ones who need outside help with senior loved ones. Local family members find that our senior caregiver respite or after-surgery care provides the extra support they need, to help relieve the stressful burden of being a family caregiver.  No one can serve others without re-charging themselves through interactions with friends, hobbies and quiet time. Accustomed to changing hours as the senior needs more or less care, our flexibility draws high praise from our clients, too. Call us at 619-291-4663 or contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home assessment. We look forward to hearing how we can help!

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