Three Underlying Conditions that Make Covid-19 More of a Risk

While the world is breathing a shallow breath of relief due to vaccinations for Covid-19 being distributed, we’re not quite out of the woods yet.


Home Care in Coronado CA: Covid-19 Risks


It’s still important that you and your parent do what you can to keep him safe and healthy.

If vaccinations are now available in your area and your parent hasn’t received one yet, look into local medical resources for when there is availability open for your parent (and yourself).

But, until the disease is completely gone, even those with a vaccination can risk contracting the Covid-19 virus and coming down with symptoms. And while one of the unknowns of the disease is how strongly it’ll affect each person it infects, there are three underlying health conditions that doctors have said are likely to make the complications of Covid-19, including death, even more, likely to those who get Covid-19 while having these conditions.


If your parent has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, he is considered obese. Studies have shown that obese people with COVID-19 are more than twice as likely to be hospitalized and about 50 percent more likely to die compared to patients who are at a healthy weight. Obesity makes it more difficult for your parent’s lungs to expand, impairing breathing and oxygenation. In addition, extra fat, especially around the stomach area, is linked to chronic inflammation that can weaken the immune response.

What to do: If your parent is obese, encourage him to lose weight. Even losing a small amount of weight, can benefit his health. Encourage your parent to exercise more, eat more healthy food, and even sleep more to lose some weight. A home care provider can assist in helping your parent make better food choices and stay on an exercise plan.

High Blood Pressure

Covid-19 damages the cells that line the blood vessels, leading to clots, and making it harder for them to carry oxygen to needed parts of the body. It is the most prevalent health condition in hospitalized Covid-19 patients.

What to do: If your parent has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s important he keeps it under control by following his doctor’s guidelines for diet, exercise, and medication.


Diabetes increases the risk of dying from Covid-19 because of the other complications that often come from someone having diabetes such as organ damage or kidney disease. If your parent has diabetes, it’s likely his immune system is weakened because of high blood sugar, putting him at greater risk for Covid-19 complications.

What to do: Much like high blood pressure, it’s important for your parent to keep the disease under control and watch his blood sugar levels. Having someone like yourself or his home care provider ensure he does his regular blood sugar testing will help him stay on top of managing his diabetes. Those with diabetes that is properly managed have a lot lower risk of serious complications from Covid-19.


If your parent has any of these three conditions, take it into mind as you and he plan his activities and who he’ll interact with. Having the knowledge of possible dangers will let you, as their caregiver, make choices more confidently.


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