Last Minute Creative Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

senior with Christmas gift


As the holidays get busier, keeping track of everything gets harder. We hope these ten holiday gift Ideas for the senior in your life make brainstorming a little easier.

  1. Bedtime accessories (slippers, robe, pajamas, pillows, etc.): We tend to forget these luxury items, but new, easy-to-wash cotton or flannel pieces are delicious to sleep in. We find our clients go years and more without new pajamas, leaving the old standbys thin and frayed.
  1. Prepaid calling cards: With these, your senior has no excuses to avoid calling friends and loved ones in other cities and states! He or she will love the convenience and ease of these cards for contacting everyone he or she should ever wish to speak to. If easy-to-use prepaid calling cards get confusing, an in home caregiver or family member can help.
  1. Theatre, movie or museum tickets: These make an especially great gift if you include yourself in the adventure. Your senior loved one will love having a special show or exhibit to look forward to, and maybe even a nice lunch or dinner to boot!
  1. Gift cards to favorite stores, restaurants, salons: Make sure that the senior in your life spoils himself or herself with a gift card to a favorite spot. If it’s a special luxury store that he or she feels guilty about shopping at, then all the better. Give your elderly companion no choice but to indulge.
  1. Jigsaw puzzles: The soothing images in jigsaw puzzles can boost manual dexterity and mental acuity. They can also be an excuse to invite someone over. They also make a great activity when extended family comes to visit.
  1. Activity books (crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or word searches, coloring books): On, we came across activity books specific to certain time periods, such as the 1930s and 40s. Providing prompts that test your loved one’s knowledge or memory of his or her own era should be fun for you both.
  1. Coffee table books: These gorgeous photo books are especially heartfelt if they tie in to the particular interests of your senior. If you know that your elderly companion took a memorable post-college trip to Italy, for example, then a picture book filled with images of Italy’s noteworthy spots may become a much-loved, even inspiring some wonderful stories to be shared.
  1. Handmade gifts: If your senior loved one’s grandchildren have done a school craft that is especially adorable, consider it as a gift for the senior in your life. Whether it’s a construction-paper holiday card, a cotton ball snowman decoration, or even a silly Santa hat, the fact that it was handmade will make it all the more touching for a senior. These gifts are best if a handwritten personalized note is also included.
  1. Photo gifts (calendars, mugs, digital photo frames, etc.): Whether it’s a mug with beloved grandchildren on it, or even a whole scrapbook of cherished images of your senior’s family and friends, a photo gift is a gift that keeps on giving. You can even consider professionally retouching a dated black and white photo.
  1. The gift of your company: Cute handmade cards listing special excursions you plan to do with your senior throughout the whole year will touch your loved one’s heart and make planning easier for you. For example, in January, you can write that you’ll take your senior to a special Martin Luther King parade, and in February, you’ll treat your senior to a decadent dessert at an upscale bakery on Valentine’s Day. The choices are endless, but as long as you personally include yourself in the gift plans, your senior will be forever grateful.
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Contact Love 2 Live Home Services For Caregiver Assistance

Perhaps for the holidays you simply need some peace of mind that your senior is well taken care of. Just contact Love 2 Live Home Services at 619-291-4663, and we will gladly provide a no-obligation in-home assessment, free of charge. If you are a concerned relative living outside of your elderly relation’s hometown or state, we can still assist you, and make sure that your senior is truly experiencing all of the joy he or she deserves this holiday season.

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