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At Love 2 Live, we understand the challenges and stresses associated with caring for a loved one at home.  It is too often that the family caregiver does not receive the support they need.  Many of you may not consider yourself a caregiver to your loved one, but you are.  You assist in making important decisions and act as an advocate for their care.  
We are involved with a number of community groups that aim to educate the public on all issues and challenges of elder care.  Through many of these organizations, Love 2 Live has the opportunity to be part of some wonderful seminars and conferences throughout the county.  Very knowledgeable and dynamic speakers are part of these conferences, covering important topics like fall prevention; memory impairment; and other disease-specific challenges.  
We wanted you all to know about an upcoming event on Friday 2/15 which will focus on the diagnosis, management and treatment of Lewy Body Dementia.  I am aware that your loved one may not have been diagnosed with dementia, specifically this type.  However, Love 2 Live wants our clients and their advocates to be as educated as possible regarding all aspects of our industry.  The attached flyer details the event and gives instruction on how to register.  Please pass this information along to anyone you feel would be interested in attending and could benefit from this information.  Love 2 Live will be represented at this event.
We will continue to alert you of other upcoming events we are aware of and/or participating in.  Also, feel free to learn more about the below organizations that we stay closely connected with.  Please reach out to us if we can better assist you or your loved one in any way.  Thanks so much!
Caregiver Coalition –
Southern Caregiver Resource Center –
The Glenner Memory Care Centers –

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