Choosing Private Duty Home Care In San Diego

This week is National Caregiver Recognition and this month is National Home Care Month.

We want to recognize those family caregivers who sacrifice so much to care for their loved ones.

Our friends at Home Sweet Home Care, Inc. in Smithfield, Virginia posted this article and I wanted to share it with all my families in San Diego caring for a loved one.

As a family caregiver, the thought of hiring someone to care for your loved one may bring up a whole host of concerns. Among them may be:


  • Worry
  • Cost
  • Guilt

Worry: Many caregivers believe they are the only ones who can properly care for their loved one. Others worry that their loved one may take that act of hiring an outside caregiver as a “lack of caring” by their family member. And for those just starting out as a family caregiver, you may be concerned that your loved one will be resistant to the idea that he or she needs “outside” help. Although any of the above may be true for your situation, most often the addition of a professional caregiver is well received by the elderly. Check out our radio interview and testimonial page to see what many of our own clients have to say.

Read the entire article:

Contact us at Love 2 Live  and schedule a time for a free in-home assessment. During the assessment, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about what we do and if we are the proper choice for you and your loved one. This won’t be a sales call; it is an opportunity for you to more fully explore our services, learn how we train our caregivers, and  to determine if we are a good match to your needs.  If you schedule a time for us to meet,  you will find the assessment educational and helpful to you.



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