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Be safe, not sorry

Caregiver in San Diego CA: We want to trust the people who come into our home to help our loved ones. But let’s be safe and not sorry. Paul Greenwood, San Diego District attorney says jewelry is one of those things that often will go unnoticed for a long while if it is missing.

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Khadega M. named 2018 CAREGIVER OF THE YEAR!

Home Care in San Diego CA: Khadega M., Home Care Aide/Caregiver with Love 2 Live since 2013, was recently named the 2018 CAREGIVER of the YEAR! The award was presented to Khadega by the SDRHCC (San Diego Regional Home Care Council).

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And The Caregiver Of The Year Is ….. (And RHCC Symposium Wrap Up)

Sheila Korn (Love2Live), Khadega Malik (Love 2 Live Caregiver) and Kira Anthofer (Chair of Regional Home Care Council)

Home Care in San Diego CA: Last Thursday was the San Diego Regional Home Care Council Annual Symposium. There were 17 nominations from many different home care agencies for Caregiver of the Year and the top three were chosen by independent judges.

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The necessity for older adults to still participate in regular physical fitness…

Home Care in San Diego CA: Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness & Exercise Month? Participating in regular physical fitness offers us many health benefits and can also help to decrease our risk of obtaining a slew of preventable diseases and ailments.

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Our Clients Deserve The Very Best!

Home Care in San Diego: Watch our short video. The loss of independence is the greatest single senior fear. It is real and consuming and we address it by ensuring everything we do is aimed at preserving that independence without risking safety and well-being. Our company is all out our clients.

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