Love 2 Live Care Offers Information You Should Know!

Are you aware that there is an Information and Resources page published by the Department of Social Services for seniors and families?
If you have a private caregiver working you should check to see if they are registered with the Home Care Services Bureau.

Check the registry click here:

-Did you know
that if you employ an independent caregiver the family who hired that person has the responsibility to pay the medical bills if the worker is injured while on the job?

-Did you know that by hiring an independent caregiver you become the employer and are responsible for complying with all state labor laws and codes and liable for any damages claimed by your worker?

-Did you know if the caregiver is let go or laid-off and files for unemployment, the family can be responsible to pay for unemployment and past employment taxes?

The most important factor for arranging home care is to select a company that serves as the legal employer of the caregiver and carries the associated legal and financial responsibilities.
Not all companies are equal. Know the difference, know that you’re secure from legal and financial liabilities. Check the Home Care Services Bureau registry. Check the American Board of Home Care website for certified companies
Avoid unnecessary risk and liability.

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