How Can You Make it Easier and Safer for Your Aging Adult to Maneuver Around Her Home?

As your elderly family member experiences change to her health and to her abilities, certain parts of her home may not be as safe for her as they once were. To improve mobility as well as safety, you might want to consider some of these changes.


Caregiver in Del Cerro CA: Senior Home Safety



Simplify Her Furnishings

If your aging adult has a great deal of furniture that crowds her rooms, it’s going to be a little more difficult for her to maneuver safely. Reducing the amount of furniture in her home can be a highly emotional decision, however, so it’s a solution you might want to bring up as gently as possible.


Remove Clutter and Extraneous Items

Clutter and other items that really don’t need to be hanging around can become a significant tripping hazard for your aging adult. Some of these items may be ones that are easier than others to convince your elderly family member to give up. Even if your aging adult doesn’t see that these items are clutter, they can be dangerous if they’re in her path.


Assess Carpets and Rugs

Carpeting and rugs can be seen as a safety tool of their own, especially if they offer padding against a hard floor. But if they’re in disrepair or if they’ve got a slippery backing, rugs and carpeting can go from being helpful to being a hindrance. Do what you can to correct any problems that rugs and carpet are causing, up to and including removing carpets and rugs completely.


Pay Special Attention to Stairs

Stairs require special attention. First, make sure that you’ve got at least one sturdy handrail that runs the length of the stairway. If your aging adult has difficulty seeing well, make sure the stairway is well lit and consider using contrasting tape along the edge of stair treads. Another idea to consider is using a gate at the top or both the top and bottom of the stairway to ensure that your aging family member doesn’t get too close to the edge.

If you’re not sure whether or not there is more that you should do to help your senior be safe at home, consider working with elder care providers. They can help you to make small or large changes that make a big difference.


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