A Mother’s Care: Review for Love to Live

Mother's Care Testimonial Love 2 Live San diegoResearch reports consistently that most of us work for reasons beyond financial support. We certainly do!

The caregivers and administrators at Love 2 Live so appreciate kind letters about our services like this one. These words enrich us as much as our paychecks. If you would like to give us a review, we’ve heard the best place these days is Google Plus. Just click this Google+ review link and write a line or two. You don’t need nearly as much as this client wrote, but we certainly appreciate every word.

Dear Sheila & Kevin,

Thanks so much for checking-in with me and staying on top of my mother’s care needs.  I am still out of town, busy helping my daughter pack up to move out of her apartment.  Her graduation ceremonies (yes, double major! ) were wonderful to attend. 

 Whenever I talk to my mom and Love 2 Live caregivers are with her, she sounds busy, excited and entertained. She really needs and does better with this personal attention. 

Especially your caregiver Naveena is doing a wonderful job with my Mom, taking her to events in the building and also out to stroll to the strip mall shopping center!  And even to a fun thrift store to shop! That’s so smart.

It seems my Mom is finally somewhat eating more. That will help her strength for walking at rehab.  Our goal is to get her better for Independent Living some time soon, and hopefully maintaining some 1:1 help from your wonderful caregivers.  

While mom recovers in her rehab community, we definitely do want to continue the great care for my Mom with the care schedule you have outlined. 

I still need to give a 30-day notice to vacate my Mom’s apartment where she used to live alone, before her recent fall and hip surgery.  That means I need time all throughout June to pack her things and organize moving/storing it all somewhere.  And then moving the furnishings to this new independent living place if she moves there. 

And by the way, did I say that I still work full time?  And I have a family too (with 2 wonderful kids in college – wow, one just graduated!)  I couldn’t do it without my great husband or without Love to Live  🙂


— Daughter of current Love 2 Live client

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