BEST OF 2014

Love 2 Live Care Services has again earned distinction as the BEST In-Home Eldercare service provider in San Diego!

We claimed the top spot in 2011, the first year the category of “In-Home Eldercare Services” was added to the UT’s Readers Poll.  We are proud to have continued to place in the top three the following two years, and are ecstatic that this year we climbed back to the #1 spot.

Thank you for your support and this wonderful recognition.  We are proud to serve San Diego’s seniors and other adults in need of care.  Call us today to learn how we can assist you or your loved one.

Award-Winning, Compassionate Elderly Home Care in San Diego

Age at Home, But Not Alone

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Like many of San Diego’s seniors, you or your loved ones prefer the meaningful path of living independently at home. Love 2 Live Care Services is here to make sure you do it successfully.

This choice, also known as “aging in place,” ensures daily routines remain self-directed, familiar shopping and neighbors stay close and social opportunities endure. Love 2 Live Care Services supports San Diego’s seniors as they maintain the lives they worked for decades to shape . . . in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Each day, Love 2 Love raises the spirits and quality of life of our local elderly residents by providing companionship, household help, meal planning and preparation and many more senior home care services.  Every one of our clients is special to us and we work hard to match them with the best caregiver for their specific needs and temperament.

If you’re ready to talk more about your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call our office at 619-291-4663. You can also like us on Facebook to follow what we’re up to in San Diego’s thriving senior communities.


WINNER, In-Home Eldercare Services: San Diego Union Tribune “BEST OF” Reader’s Poll!

Love 2 Live’s thorough knowledge of the needs of San Diego’s seniors and our commitment to quality customer experience helped us win the San Diego Union Tribune’s “BEST OF” Reader’s Poll. We claimed top honors in 2011, the first year the category of in-home eldercare services was included. The following two years we continued to place in the top three. Every year, the Union Tribune recognizes the best of hundreds of businesses and organizations through an extensive nomination and voting process.

We are convinced we received this recognition due to our genuine dedication to senior welfare. Love 2 Live Care Services founder Sheila Korn meets with every family to determine the best caregiver-client match. She, staff members and many Love 2 Live caregivers often attend clients’ birthday parties and holiday events. They participate in community events to help educate and inform San Diego seniors and their families. At Love 2 Live, seniors and the loved ones helping them can rest assured that Love 2 Live staff work in an industry they love.

If you suspect some in-home assistance could bring safety and stimulation to a San Diego senior, call us at 619-291-4663. We can answer preliminary questions and even schedule a no-obligation, in-home assessment. Trust your instincts. Contact us to get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Senior Home Care CAN Fit into San Diego Family Budgets & Attitude

It’s hard to ask for help, particularly when the help is caring for a loved one, something that’s historically been handled by family members.

But we’ve seen the improvement in family harmony and even the sense of independence our elderly clients experience once they’ve decided to seek help with one of our hard-working and compassionate caregivers. Further, it’s well documented that family caregivers must get relief, not only for themselves, but in order to perform their care obligations efficiently. When family members live far away from a loved one, in-home care becomes a necessity.

In business now for 10 years, Love 2 Live has helped individuals and families of all income levels arrange care for themselves or their loved ones. We work with families to develop reasonable plans of care and we can refer you to resources like the Veterans Administration and Southern Caregivers Resource Center and other state and local resources that can help as well.

Don’t Go It Alone:  Let Love 2 Live Care Services Support You and Your Loved Ones

Beyond the engagement and security our carefully screened caregivers provide, Love 2 Live Care Services offers resources to help family members and clients navigate the terrain of aging with grace and understanding. Our Family Learning Center is a completely free resource that covers topics like “Understanding Senior Rights,” “Body Systems and the Aging Process” and “Handling Difficult Situations and Behaviors.” We’ve also developed a list of resources [link when that page is up] you can use to find San Diego’s best senior activities, opportunities for engagement and even medical and psychiatric help.

With knowledgeable and concerned contacts at Love 2 Live, you don’t need to make decisions, research care options and find answers alone. When you contact us and explain your situation, we can talk you through the options that improve your or your loved one’s life. Call us at 619-291-4663 to schedule a no-obligation in-home assessment. Remember, too, that you can follow along on our senior care adventures in San Diego when you like us on our Facebook page.