Five Myths about Aging Your Senior Might Believe


Senior Care: Myths about aging can really hold your senior back from enjoying the life that she has right now. These are just a few of the ones you and she should talk about.


Senior Care in La Mesa CA: Senior Aging Myths


She Can’t Exercise At Her Age – Senior Care Can Help

Your senior might worry that she’s not able to start exercising at her age. While it’s true that she might not be able to race outside and run a mile right off the bat, there are few people who can truly do that. What she needs first is clearance from her doctor confirming she’s okay to start exercising and then she needs a plan. The best plan for her is going to be one that starts her out slowly and allows her to ramp up as she becomes stronger.


Learning New Things Is Impossible – Senior Care Is Available


Lots of older adults spend time after they stop working taking that time to learn something new. It’s not true at all that seniors can’t learn new skills, new facts, and new hobbies. Learning something new can add a lot of joy to your senior’s life and more importantly, it can help to keep her brain active and healthy.


Loneliness Is Part Of Aging – Senior Care Offers Companionship

Being lonely isn’t just a factor of aging, but there are circumstances of aging that definitely can contribute. The big problem is that being lonely can lead to bigger problems, like spending time isolated and experiencing anxiety and even depression. What can help is making sure that your senior has some social outlets as often as possible.


She Automatically Can’t Drive – Senior Care Can Take Her Places


Something else your elderly family member might believe is that you’re sitting around just waiting to take her driver’s license away from her. There’s a lot more than age that goes into deciding whether your senior should be driving or not. Sit down and talk with her about how things like her health, physical and cognitive, play into whether driving is a safe thing for her to do. A Senior Care Provider can drive your parent wherever she likes.


Her Health Issues Are Under Control, So She Doesn’t Need Her Medications

It might have taken a while for it to happen, but maybe your senior’s blood pressure is finally in normal ranges. Or possibly some other health issue is finally under control. That could trigger your senior to believe that she doesn’t need her medications any longer because those numbers look great. But that’s a huge problem because the reason her health is doing better is that she’s keeping up with her medications. Encourage her to stick to her doctor’s advice. Senior care is the perfect answer to help with these situations.


Some of these situations can be alleviated with a little bit of help. Senior care providers can support your elderly family member and help her with tasks that are becoming more difficult.


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