5 Things To Do To Avoid Slips at Home

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious problems with elderly victims.

Annually, more than 2.8 million elderly adults are treated in emergency rooms across the country for injuries sustained from slips, trips, and falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Senior Care Coronado CA: Avoiding Falls at Home

Then what can family caregivers do to help their elderly loved one avoid a slip and fall accident? The good news is that there are lots of ways for family members, home care assistants and even the elderly people themselves. Many slip and fall accidents are completely preventable, so it’s always a good time to have everyone focus on what they can do to reduce the risk of a life-changing slip and fall accident.


Here are 5 things to do to avoid slip and fall accidents at home for seniors:


1. Assess Physical Health

One of the best ways to avoid falling is to ensure that the elderly adult can support themselves physically. With age, the body changes and it becomes harder for people to keep their stamina up. Also, seniors may suffer from stiff joints, weak muscles, and slower reflexes. A doctor can work with an elderly person to ensure they have walking aides, like a cane or a walker, if they need it.


2. Eliminate Dizziness

Being dizzy and lightheaded is a common cause of falling and fainting in the elderly. Many chronic conditions can contribute to lightheadedness, such as vertigo, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Also, some seniors report feeling dizzy as a side effect of some medications. If this is the case, a doctor may be able to adjust the prescription.


3. Clear Environment

Sometimes slip and fall accidents happen because of a person’s surroundings and not because of their body. It’s common for clutter and debris on the floor to cause someone to stumble. Catching a foot or a cane on the corner of a rug, an elevated threshold or some other obstacle on the floor can also cause problems. Family and friends need to help the elderly person keep the floor clear and walkways smooth.


4. Walking Aides

Many people falsely believe that if someone is using a cane or a walker that they won’t have any kind of slip and fall accident. However, many seniors don’t use these walking aides properly and they end up falling because of them. If a doctor recommends a cane or walker, it’s important for the elderly adult to use them correctly. The doctor or a physical therapist can teach them how to best use the walking aide.


5. Be Smart

Avoiding a slip and fall accident means constant vigilance about the elderly person’s condition as well as their environment always. Especially as seniors become more dependent on a family caregiver or home care assistant, they are less able to manage all the aspects of daily living. With teamwork, friends and family members can help the elderly person steer clear of slip and fall accidents.

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