How Do You Proceed if Your Senior Doesn’t Want Your Help?

It’s not unusual at all for family caregivers to offer help and find themselves in a situation where their family member completely rebuffs that assistance. The trick is figuring out how to move forward from there. What you do next can help you to win your senior over to your point of view, but you have to proceed carefully.


Homecare in Point Loma CA: Senior Care Tips

Your Approach Makes a Difference

When you’re braced for the worst when you have these talks with your senior, that’s going to broadcast to her, whether you mean for it to or not. That’s going to make the whole conversation more difficult and that’s the last thing either of you need. Try to remain as positive as you can and make sure that you’re in a good frame of mind yourself when you open up the topic. That’s going to give you a better chance of getting somewhere.

Timing Matters, Too

But it’s not just your attitude that makes a difference. When you talk about all of this matters a lot, too. If you’re trying to talk about this when your senior is already tense and unhappy, chances are she’s going to just feel tenser and more unhappy. That’s not what you want. Look for opportunities when she’s open to new ideas already so that you can capitalize on those moments.

Focus on How Help Benefits Her

The bulk of your reasoning needs to rely on the benefits your senior is likely to glean from having extra help. She needs to understand how working with home care providers offers her something different that she doesn’t get from continuing to do things on her own. Drill down as specifically as you can to her situation. Doing so is going to give you much better results.

There’s Some Give and Take in Talking about This

It’s also important to remember that there’s an ebb and flow to this conversation. If you’re trying to make your senior listen to you or share with you why she isn’t willing to accept help, that’s not going to work well. You’re going to have a much easier time listening and paying attention to when you can push and when you can’t.

These conversations aren’t easy to have. But getting your senior the help that she needs is crucial. Home care providers can assist with tasks that have become difficult or that require too much of her energy, which is what can make those same tasks dangerous for her.


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