Tips for Helping a Senior with Parkinson’s Disease Cope with Incontinence and Challenges with Toileting

Seniors living with Parkinson’s disease experience challenges and limitations that make basic daily tasks much more difficult for them. Not only does this diminish their sense of independence, but it can also put them at risk of injury and other issues. Because some of these challenges are sensitive in nature, it is extremely important that they are handled in a way that is discreet, dignified, and respectful.

 Homecare in Hillcrest CA: Senior Coping Tips For Incontinence and Toileting


One such task is assistance with toileting. Many elderly adults with Parkinson’s disease experience difficulties such as incontinence, urgency, and mobility issues that make it more difficult to manage the physical tasks of using the restroom. Fortunately there are ways that you can help to make this task easier and safer for your parent. If providing this assistance is uncomfortable for you or for your aging loved one, implementing elderly care can be a tremendous source of help and relief for both of you. This elderly home care services provider can give your aging parent professional, neutral, and respectful assistance to help them manage these tasks in the best way possible.


Use these tips to help senior with Parkinson’s disease cope with incontinence and challenges with toileting:

  • Replace their conventional toilet with a raised version, or add a raised toilet seat to lessen the distance that your parent needs to sit and stand.
  • Create a bathroom schedule and encourage your aging parent to follow it. Visiting the restroom on a regular basis and at set intervals can help to train the body, reducing instances of incontinence and giving your parent more confidence. This can be particularly beneficial for those who struggle with urgency or who may no longer effectively detect their bodies signals.
  • Discourage your aging parents from drinking caffeine. This can irritate the bladder and make issues such as urgency and leakage worse.
  • Encouraging parents to stop consuming fluids two to three hours prior to bedtime to reduce the chances that they will need to use the restroom during the night.
  • Give your aging parent greater confidence when going out of the home by researching destinations to find the location of restrooms so that they are easily accessible.
  • Talk to your aging parents about them using and incontinence product, particularly when out of the home. Contemporary products are discreet and highly effective, which can give your parent more confidence and encourage them to stay more active.


If your aging parent has developed new challenges and limitations, your own schedule or abilities have changed and you can no longer give them the care that they need, or you simply feel that they would benefit from more diversified care, now may be the time to consider elderly care. And elderly home care services provider can tailor a set of highly personalized services specifically to your parents as an individual. This means that they can give them the type of care, assistance, and support that they need to manage their challenges and limitations while also supporting a lifestyle that is as active, independent, and fulfilling as possible as they age in place.

Through these services, your senior can remain happier, safer, and healthier while you have more time, energy, and flexibility to manage at the other needs in your life. This can be particularly beneficial if you are part of the sandwich generation caring for your aging parent as well as your children, or if your parents challenges are more extensive than you feel capable of managing comfortably and successfully.

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