Setting Boundaries and Limits When You’re a Caregiver

If you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed while you’re trying to meet all of your responsibilities, you’re not alone. It’s a common state of being for caregivers and it’s often incredibly frustrating. One of the first places to look is whether you’re respecting your own boundaries or not.

Homecare in Coronado CA: Knowing Your Caregiving Boundaries
Boundaries and Limits Help So Much

The first thing to understand is that having boundaries and understanding your limits helps you to do the best that you can to meet your senior’s needs. It does that because you’re doing what you can to help your senior, but you’re also able to fill in those gaps with other types of assistance, like hiring elderly care providers. Being able to accurately communicate your limits is really important for you and for everyone else in your life.

Get an Overview of All that You’re Doing

Whether you’re just now starting to set boundaries or you’re aware that you need to revamp some, you need to start with an overview of what it is that you’re already doing and facing. What kinds of responsibilities and obligations are you facing on a daily basis? This involves looking at all of the aspects of your life and determining where you can personally continue to put your time and your energy.

Your Limits Aren’t All About Your Emotions

Sometimes people want to use their emotions as the sole indicator of limits and boundaries. But often by the time you’re upset, frustrated, or angry you are already pushing past your boundaries and your limits. That’s why you need to know what your limits are, on an emotional or physical level, well before you’re at those edges. Understand what you can do so that you are aware of when you’re approaching those barriers.

Having Boundaries Isn’t About Being Mean

One of the issues you might need to get past when you’re trying to recalibrate your boundaries is that it might feel as if you’re just being mean to other people. This isn’t the case and there are polite ways to have and to enforce your boundaries. Saying no to something you really don’t have the bandwidth to handle is not a bad thing at all.

As a caregiver, it’s essential that you understand and respect your own boundaries. If you don’t, no one else in your life is going to do so either. Having help from elderly care providers and from other assistance in other areas of your life can help you to make sure you’re operating within your limits.


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