Five Devices Your Senior Might Need if Her Hearing Is Failing

It’s frustrating for your senior if her hearing is going. Even worse is the fact that she may not be able to interact with normal daily situations because of her hearing. These devices can help.


Homecare in Coronado CA: Hearing Devices


Bed Shakers

Bed shakers connect to different items, like alarm clocks, telephones, or even smoke detectors. One portion fits underneath your senior’s mattress or pillow. Then, when activated by the device it’s connected to, the bed shaker literally shakes the bed or pillow. This wakes your senior up so that she can get up for the day, answer the phone, or get to safety.


Light-up Doorbell Indicator

If your elderly family member has trouble hearing knocks at the door or the door bell, a light-up doorbell indicator might be a good plan. This device connects to the door bell and then flashes a light when someone pushes the button. This gives your elderly family member a visible indication that someone is at the door.


Light-up Phone Alarm

For the same reason, phone ringers might not be loud enough for your senior to hear. There are a variety of different phone alarms that connect to the phone and then either light up the device itself or that connect to a lamp in the home. When the phone rings, the device or the lamp light up and your senior knows that the phone is ringing.


Strobe Attachments for Smoke Alarms

If your elderly family member uses a bed shaker for her alarm clock, she might not want the same type of setup for her smoke alarm. One type of smoke alarm includes a strobe light that starts flashing if the alarm detects any smoke or hint of a fire. This is often so bright that it wakes most people up.


Sound Amplifiers

Some aging adults are gradually losing their hearing, but haven’t completely gone deaf. Sound amplifiers might be an option, especially for the television and radio. Some fit in your senior’s ear just like a hearing aid does and simply amplifies the sounds around her. This can be helpful if your elderly family member doesn’t want to disturb anyone else by turning the television up too loud.


Working with elder care providers at home can also help your aging adult to be able to interact safely with her environment. Elder care providers can make sure that she’s aware of what’s going on and be on the “listen” for anything out of the ordinary that might impact your aging family member.

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