Questions to Ask When Choosing Medical Alert Systems

It’s time to get a medical alert system. You want your parents to be able to get help if they fall or don’t feel well. With a bracelet or pendant button, help is always close by. When you’re looking into these systems, what should you ask?

Home Health Care in San Diego CA: Choosing Medical Alert Systems


What Options Are Available?

Some medical alert systems offer a variety of services and options. You want to find one that suits your parents’ needs. If your parent has Alzheimer’s GPS tracking is an important option. If you have a parent prone to falling, fall detection is important.

Are There Hidden Fees?

Many systems have clear pricing, but others may charge fees for setting up the system. You might have to pay for shipping to return the system if your parents no longer need it. See if there are extra fees for having an extra pendant, etc. If your parents make too many calls to the service, there may be a fee for that, too.

What is the System’s Range?

How far does the system reach? If your mom or dad is out in the yard and they pushed their button, would they still be within range? You might want to look for a system that uses cell towers to keep them connected to the service if they’re out for a walk.

What’s the Return Policy?

If your parents refuse to use the system, you may need to return it. Will you be obligated to keep it for a certain number of months before you can return it? If you return it early, will you be charged a penalty?

It’s very important to ask this question if your parent is hard of hearing and uses a hearing aid. There’s no way to know if the volume of the system will be loud enough for your parent until you try it. A free trial is ideal in this type of situation.

Have You Considered Senior Care?

A medical alert system is great when your parents are all alone, but it can’t do everything. If your parents are having a hard time with laundry, meal preparation, transportation, and medication schedules, senior care should be added to their care plan.

With senior care services, they have caregivers checking on them each day, week, or preferred schedule. They have companionship and can socialize. Learn more about the ways caregivers can help them stay safe and confident while aging at home.


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