How Can You Make Keeping Your Parent’s Home Clean Simpler?

Keeping their home clean and fresh is likely something your aging parent was accustomed to doing when they were younger. Now that they are dealing with challenges and limitations that impact their mobility, cognitive functioning, or other abilities, your parent may find they are no longer able to fulfill these tasks as easily or as effectively as they once did.


Home Health Care in La Jolla CA: Senior Home Cleaning Tips

This can mean leaving it to you to handle ensuring that they have a healthy, safe, and welcoming home environment. Finding ways to simplify these cleaning tasks, however, can make it easier to keep the home clean, and even encourage your parent to enjoy more independence.

Some ways you can make keeping your parent’s home clean simpler include:


-Do a little at a time. Rather than having one big “cleaning day” each week, do a little bit of cleaning each day. Create a routine that lets you clean one room or one section of the house each day, including doing laundry. Some tasks, such as dishes, will be done more often.

-Spot clean as you go. As your parent goes through their day, or you are visiting them during the day, take care of small messes and issues that arise rather than waiting. Vacuum up dirt, wipe up spills, and organize mail rather than leaving it sitting on the table. This will make your full cleaning far easier.

-Make supplies readily available. Keep basic, appropriate cleaning supplies throughout the home so they are accessible and easy to use when there might be a mess to clean up. For example, gloves, all-purpose cleaner, and rags should be kept in rooms with tile floors and surfaces, such as bathrooms and the kitchen, while trash bags should be readily accessible in other rooms.

-Consider elder care. Elder care providers can step in to help your parent handle tasks throughout their home. These tasks can include doing dishes, light laundry, and tidying. This helps to keep the home clean on a day-to-day basis, while also allowing your senior to participate as much as is possible for them.

What is elder care and how can it help?

Starting elder care for your aging parent can be a fantastic way to help them maintain more of their independence as they age in place. Many seniors struggle with challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to do the tasks they are used to doing, such as taking care of their home.

Mobility issues, balance problems, lack of range of motion and strength, and even cognitive functioning decline can all make it much harder for your parent to handle tasks throughout the home. Letting someone else do it for them, however, it can be frustrating and leave them feeling as though they have lost even more of their independence.

An elderly home care services provider can come into the home to help your parent handle these tasks in ways that are right for them. This can include modifying tasks so your parent can continue to participate as much as appropriate for them, while fully managing other tasks that are not accessible. This ensures your senior has a healthy and welcoming home environment and can continue to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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