What Benefits Does Owning a Cat Bring Your Dad?

Your dad wants a pet, but he can’t decide between a cat or a dog. Dogs have to go outside, which doesn’t seem ideal on rainy, snowy, or icy days. You’re leaning towards a cat, but you’re not sure the benefits are the same. What are the benefits of owning a cat?


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A cat may not provide the same amount of exercise as a dog would, but there’s still exercise involved with owning a cat. Your dad will have to bend over or squat and stand back up when cleaning a litter box and filling food and water dishes.

Some cats do love to play. Some cats will play fetch. Others like to chase laser pointers or bat at feather toys dangling from a stick.

Cats need grooming. Your dad will need to take a few minutes each day to brush his cat to remove loose fur and dirt. Brushing teeth and trimming claws is another task your dad will be doing.


Mental Health Benefits

Studies find that people who own cats tend to have better mental health than those who do not. An Australian study looked at 90 people, some owned cats and some didn’t. Those who owned cats had better scores when it came to mental health.

A British study looked at suggestions that bacteria from cats were to blame for mental health problems. The study looked at families for two decades and found the suggestions had no basis.

Cats can actually help reduce stress. The warmth of a cat on a lap, the petting motion, and a cat’s purr all help ease stress. A study also found that cat owners had lower blood pressure and resting pulse readings. Even though cats can do things that irritate pet owners from time to time, people can improve their health simply by owning a cat.



Cats may have a bit of an independent nature, but they’re there for companionship. Cats seek attention. Your dad will have a cat demanding his attention while he reads a book, uses a computer, or watches a movie. He’ll have a cat to curl up against him at night, if he so chooses, and to be there to talk to when he’s feeling lonely.

Senior care is another way to make sure your dad has companionship throughout the week. Caregivers come by and play games, chat, help with daily chores, and provide safe rides within the area. A senior care advisor can help your dad find the right services and schedule.


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