5 Reasons Caregivers Should Read with Older Adults

Betty, age 84, loved to read. Her husband had courted her when they were young adults by reading poetry to her. The two of them had often sat together and read aloud. When her children were young, Betty and Harold read to them, too. Betty loved sharing new books with others and having long conversations about the plot, characters, and themes of the books. But, Harold had passed away and Betty’s eyesight was failing. She had a hard time reading to herself and no longer had anyone to read to her. The loss of books made Betty feel like she had lost a close friend. Noticing her grief, Betty’s daughter and primary caregiver, Ellen, invited her mom to join her book club and offered to read the book selections to her. Being able to share books again improved Betty’s mood tremendously and made her happier and healthier.


Home Care Services in San Diego CA: Reading With Your Senior


Betty isn’t the only older adult that would benefit from having a caregiver read aloud to them. If you’re not currently reading with your aging relative, here are 5 reasons you should consider giving it a try.


Reading is Fun

Older adults, especially those who live alone, often have a lot of extra time on their hands. Reading offers an enjoyable activity to pass the time. Reading aloud together can be especially fun if the readers enjoy reading dramatically, creating voices for characters and using inflection.


Reading Is a Shared Activity

Reading together gives caregivers and older adults a common activity to do together. Books can offer them something to talk about. Caregivers and older adults can start spontaneous conversations or look at some of the questions the book club editions of certain books contain.


Reading Time is Something to Look Forward To

Knowing that a caregiver is coming to read with them can give the older adult something to look forward to. That can be very important when one day is pretty much the same as the next. But, when caregivers and seniors read together, there’s always a new adventure, mystery, or love story in the pages of a book.


Reading Offers an Excuse for an Outing

Choosing the next book to read gives them a reason to go on an outing together. Caregivers and older adults can go to the library or bookstore to comb through the shelves looking for their next great read.


Reading Provides Mental Stimulation

Reading aloud is a mentally stimulating activity, so it’s good for the brains of both caregivers and older adults. Reading is like exercise for the brain. In fact, studies show that older adults who read have a 32 percent lower rate of memory loss.


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